Hello! And welcome to our contact list!

Following is a list of people who have agreed to be a part of our group and want to be contacted for personal fellowship. Each contact is listed alphabetically by their general geographical area. The method of contact has been designated by the contact person per their preference whether it be e-mail or thru Facebook. We suggest everyone start out with e-mail.

Please note that all contact is voluntary and while it is our intention to connect believers, we have no control as to treatment or outcome from contact made. Most of the contacts listed have personal contact with at least one of the admins on a regular basis, and feel each to be committed Christians, willing to reach out with biblical support, wisdom and the love of Christ.

Please consider all involvement prayerfully.

In addition, if you find yourself in a situation that you don’t know how to handle, please contact the Admins for assistance. We understand that many people are coming out of false doctrine. Some struggle with physical and emotional manifestations which to many is out of the ordinary, and can be quite scary, yet also quite normal. We don’t want anyone to strive needlessly, and are here to offer as much support, guidance and counsel as possible.

If you wish to be included as a person of contact, or if you have concerns, please notify the Admins – Mike, Pat, Treena, or M’Kayla. In addition, please let us know if a link is not working properly at connectoutsidethecamp@gmail.com.

We will be sending out group e-mails from time to time and eventually would like to begin skype sessions to stay in contact. Please make sure our contact information is kept up to date with the Admins.

Blessings in the name of Christ as we connect as one body!  Thank you for your interest in reaching out to one another!


The administrators on this blogsite want to attempt to address any future issues that may arise with those who have chosen to be points of contact for your area and have your email and or facebook listed as contact info.

If you receive emails from any blog, website, ministry, business, individual etc. we did not, and do not recommend them. We know that we cannot prevent them from contacting you but they are not approved by Connecting Outside the Camp blogsite. Any ministry or help that we recommend will be added to the blogsite as a link and drop down menu, not sent to you through email. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the administrators.

God Bless





Tani Carr

E-mail: mtngirlofco@gmail.com


North-Middle East Coast Region:

Kim Williams

E-mail: kimkn413@gmail.com

Out of: WOF, Bethel, Hillsong, IHOP, false signs and wonders, false prophetic


Oakwood – Atlanta:

Jessica Rynning

E-mail: rynningjessica@yahoo.com




E-mail: msvihel@gmail.com

Out of: Charismanis/WoF deception


Ham Lake:

Christine Dahlman

E-mail: Christinedahlman@hotmail.com

Out of: Charismania/WOF false doctrine

Maple Grove:


E-mail: jsgrom@comcast.com


Northern Area:

M’Kayla Kelly, Administrator

E-mail: mkaylakelly@gmail.com

Blog: m’kayla’s korner

Out of: False doctrine associated with Charismania, International Association of Healing Rooms, Bethel, NAR, false prophetic, JP Jackson dreams and visions/interpretations, and supernatural experiences, SOZO.

  • Please contact me if you are dealing with physical and/or emotional manifestations, or are in need of assistance in helping someone who is manifesting.


Northwest Area:

 Mike and Pat Rogers, Administrator

E-mail: discernmentnow@live.com

Blog: Closing Stages

Out of: False doctrine associated with Charismania, Word of Faith, NAR, Independent Fundamentalist.


Southeast Area:

Trish Vieira

E-mail: ranch.family@hotmail.com

Out of: False doctrine associated with Catholicism, false signs and wonders, studied IHOP, NAR


Leola –  Southeastern  Lancaster County:

Nancy Aument

E-mail: nancyaument@gmail.com

Facebook  nancy aument.

Out of: Charismania


Richmond, VA Metro Area:


E-mail: NIPHomePage@yahoo.com.

Out of:  False charismatic signs and wonders, denominationalism

Washington State


Eugene & Esther

E-mail:   eugene223@outlook.com


Gold Coast:

Tanya du Preez

E-mail: tanyadupreez@icloud.com



Sarah Bonaventure Barrois

E-mail: sarahkhalefa@btinternet.com

Out of: Bethel-based teachings, WOF (B Hinn, K Copeland, J Myer, etc.)


Treena Gisborn, Administrator

E-mail: treenagis@yahoo.com

Blog:Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Out of: Charismania false doctrine



Larry and Marion McCrea

E-mail address: pastor12@outlook.com

facebook: extendoutministriesinternational.org

Work as missionaries.